Friday, June 24, 2016

Announcing--Five Year Mission has been extended!

Yes. We know that, last year, Kirk and Spock ruminated on the possibility that Hello Earth would take other forms. However, we've found a way to do that--and still bring you another episode this summer. What episode, you ask?

Space Seed!

Watch this space for more details, but the dates are set: Saturdays and Sundays from July 23-August 14. Please note: all performances this year will be at 7pm. There are no matinees, as audiences and crew alike prefer the shade.


  1. I'm so excited, I feel like I've been voting for Space Seed every year since I started coming. You guys are the best

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  3. Can you share info about what the legal checklist that must be completed before doing public productions of episodes?

  4. Yes! I would like to bring this to Cleveland... what needs to be addressed legally, and can we use/buy any of your existing scripts or do it ourselves? :)


  5. Cool! good news, but I'm late) tell me where you can view these issues?
    Richard Brown