Hello Earthlings! As some of you know, Hello Earth was founded by Kris Hambrick and Joy DeLyria. While we've had loads of help and support over the years, the two of us have always made decisions about the future of Hello Earth together. 

Due to life circumstances and a very happy marriage, Joy will be moving to Europe soon. While there are many reasons this is the right choice for her, it does mean leaving the future of Hello Earth uncertain. We both want this company to continue, but running this company has always been a joint effort. Without Joy being involved in person, Hello Earth likely won't be doing the same kinds of projects--at least for a while.

Therefore, future projects for Hello Earth are currently on indefinite hold. We may never come back to put on productions in the same way. Kris might find new directions in which to take the company. Joy might return and pick up where Hello Earth left off several years from now. We don't really have any way to predict what's coming next.

What we do know is that we have valued your incredible contributions and the connections that have been fostered over the years. We also know that all of the donations given to us over the years and at the last production will be used to support Hello Earth or projects similar to Hello Earth. And we know that we have loved creating theater with you, and we hope that this vibrant community will live on.

We have a bunch of our props and sets in storage that it does not make sense to hold onto while the future is so uncertain. Keep your eyes open--we'll be giving everything away in a big goodbye event that we hope you'll attend.

Thanks again for everything you've given Hello Earth, Kris, and Joy. Live long and prosper!

BLINK now sold out!

Thanks to everyone who has reserved tickets so far! As of now, we are now entirely sold out. Because of the capacity of the venue, we will be unable to seat day-of.

With that in mind, if you did reserve tickets but your plans change and you need fewer tickets, please do get in touch with us at helloearthseattle@gmail.com so we can release those seats to others. If we do get additional capacity, we'll post here and on facebook.

We're really excited to share what we've done with you, and so proud of our cast and crew!

Tickets for Doctor in the Dark: BLINK now available!

They're coming. The angels are coming for you. See below for ticket info!

PLEASE NOTE: show contains strobe or strobe-like effects. 

In addition to requested accommodations, there will be an ASL Interpreted performance on Saturday, October 21st and MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED by all audience members on Saturday, October 28th. Please select your tickets accordingly!

After ten years outdoors, Hello Earth is moving in! Mostly so we can make it *dark and spooky* for the Halloween season. Come see Sally Sparrow battle an unexpected foe, make new friends, lose old ones, lose new friends, and finally make a friend who doesn't know who she is, but will later.

Unlike our other shows, we are in a space that only accommodates 55 people, so while our shows are *always* free, you DO need to RSVP! Click the link to save your spot! 




Hello everyone! Hope you're practicing your not blinking. I have some information for you all I hope you'll be as excited about as I am! This year, with the show being indoors, we've had to keep the space small in order to afford being able to still offer FREE THEATER. However, with that limited space comes the challenge of everyone getting a seat. So tickets, while still FREE, will require RSVP. This ticketing site will go live in about a week and a half, so watch this space.

IN ADDITION, please note that this production WILL briefly include the use of a strobe OR strobe-like effect and plan accordingly to keep yourself safe.

In the meantime, be aware of the following important dates and mark them down if they are relevant to you:

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21ST will be our first ever ASL Interpreted performance! We are extremely grateful to have secured the services of Amanda Smith-Hughes and Rebecca Kineblade and we hope you will tell anyone you know who would like to attend this performance so they can be ready to get tix!

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28TH will be our MASKS-REQUIRED performance for anyone who desires to attend with additional safety protocols. All our cast/crew is double-vaccinated (and hopefully, by then, many even more so) and we have strict illness policies in effect. The room is equipped with outward-facing fans on both ends, but we understand that many require additional protection. 

At any performance, we hope to offer a downloadable script for your device if you require 'captions' to follow along.

Okay. Please stay in touch, and keep your eyes peeled by the end of the month for that ticket link!!

And for early access to tickets, email us at helloearthseattle@gmail.com to be added to our list!

 Actors Needed

For this fall’s live performances of

Doctor in the Dark: Blink

by Hello Earth Productions


Friday, 7/21 6-9pm


Saturday, 7/22 6-9pm

Studio C @Theatre Puget Sound, 

Seattle Center Armory, 4th Floor

Roles Needed

8-10 actors of any age, ethnicity, gender

4 performers with strong movement experience: dancers, mimes, etc


Just show up! The auditions will consist of two parts: a short movement exercise and readings from the script. If you are ONLY interested in being a Weeping Angel, you will be free to go after the exercise. If you wish to audition for a speaking part, you are invited to stay, but please be prepared to stay for the entire audition as we will be conducting callbacks in the same session.

All participants will be required to show proof of COVID vaccination.

“Blink” is an adaptation of a beloved episode of Doctor Who in which a young person has to decode a message sent through time, loses a friend, gains another, and comes face to face with a explains wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff and the terrifying creatures who feed off of it.

We are committed to diverse and creative casting. The right person for the role will express the essence of their character(s), and will not necessarily conform to an expected race, gender, ethnicity, or body type. Actors of color, gender non-conforming actors, and actors with disabilities are encouraged to audition. We are not looking for impersonations, and a lengthy acting resume is not required. All are welcome to apply. We are a donation-funded non-profit theater company and offer a stipend of $100.

Rehearsals will primarily be on weekday evenings in late August, September, and October. Performances will take place the last two weekends of October and first weekend of November.

Hello Earth’s more-than-five-year mission is to excite and inspire audiences with our vibrant fusion of sci-fi and pop culture, to create strange new worlds and art that stimulates questions, to push beyond the boundaries of imagination with nontraditional casting and innovative stagecraft, and to boldly expand the frontiers of live theatrical experience.


Hello Hello Earthlings!

Happy spring! We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the years and your inquiries about this summer. We apologize for the lateness of this announcement, but as you may know our production team is very small and we have had to take some time to figure out our schedule.

We can't let you in on what we're doing just yet, because it will take some planning. We CAN tell you it will be in the vein of what we've been doing, but totally new, and still totally free. It will also require an indoor space and, thus, unsuitable for the park. It also has some technical requirements we will need some time to work out. For these reasons, we plan on having an announcement at the end of June about a show in October, just in time for Halloween. We hope to also have an announcement about next summer's show very soon, so stay tuned!

And if anyone out there has connections with either a venue or a lighting designer, please get in touch.

Hello Earthlings! As some of you know, Hello Earth was founded by Kris Hambrick and Joy DeLyria. While we've had loads of help and suppo...