Personal Log: Stevie VanBronkhorst (Chief Graphic Artist)

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Stevie VanBronkhorst is a graphic design and illustrator from Seattle. Though little, she is fierce, and considers the stoat to be an animal of significance in her life. She currently lives in Juneau and works at the newspaper. 

What do you think of Outdoor Trek so far, and what are you looking forward to about the upcoming production?
I am lucky to have been involved in Outdoor Trek from its very first mission in 2010, when I played Uhura. I'm not one for projecting on purpose, so I was very pleased to perform as a puppeteer for the role  of the Horta in "Devil in the Dark" in 2013, and am always very excited when I get to do the poster again. Outdoor Trek always brings together the sweetest and most decent community of actors, and attracts an audience who, like Rodenberry, have a profound respect for humanity and hope for its improvement and future.

What cool things do you do in your life outside of Outdoor Trek?
I pursue eudemonia by being there for my friends, volunteering, trying new things (such as food), and drawing comic books. I've taken an interest in songwriting and have joined the Juneau Pipes and Drums Band. Need a snare drummer in 2016?

What history do you have with theatrical productions?
As a longtime resident of Burien, WA I've worked with Burien Actors Theatre since 2007, with all manner of production and front-of-house tasks, including a great number of posters. It turns out I'm a better person when I go to bed early, so I haven't been up to much here in Juneau, though the theaters here are constantly putting out good shows and the sun never goes down.

What history do you have with Star Trek?
I was homeschooled, and was always home at 5-7 pm, when Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space 9 would be broadcast. The intellectual and moral quandaries presented were heady stuff for a little kid, and the zapping phasers and weird space-judo always came in at the right time to even out the adventure. Star Trek struck me as a show with a strong moral ethos that kept all the derring-do from inanity.

What excites you about the future of mankind?
It's bracing to see more young people interested in making the world a more equitable place, a more nourishing place, and a more livable place. I believe that under the right circumstances, the average Joe has the capacity to be a magnificently kind being. Maybe someday we can maintain a baseline level of circumstances that allows the human race to become one of overwhelmingly benevolent and conscientious creatures. Things will need to change a lot, and hopefully we can get enough people on board at once to make it stick. Travel Earth, the people are really nice!

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