Personal Log: Sierra McWilliams (Ensign Chekov)

Sierra is originally from Alaska, but has lived all over and is happy to have alighted in the Pacific Northwest. She recently finished graduate school and has no job, so is free to do things she enjoys, like act in Star Trek plays.

What do you think of Outdoor Trek so far, and what are you looking forward to about the upcoming production?
The best productions of this kind have good cast chemistry, and this one definitely does. I’m excited to see that come together with the props and audience energy.

What cool things do you do in your life outside of Outdoor Trek?
Harass my cats, run, work on a novel, study for the bar exam, go to wine-tastings on weekends and nod seriously, pretending to understand while people talk about tannins and oak barrels.

What history do you have with theatrical productions?
I was in a few college plays as (1) Woody Allen’s evil ex-wife, (2) an evil green M&M and (3) “Helper #1” to John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church. In this play I am Evil Chekov, which makes 3 for 4 evil characters.

What history do you have with Star Trek?
I tried to begin the franchise at Star Trek Enterprise a few years ago, because I love to do things chronologically. This was a terrible mistake and I gave up and went back to my other sci-fi loves (Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Sliders, etc.) until I am ready to come back and try again.

What excites you about the future of mankind?
Spreading out across the galaxy and beyond. One good asteroid could wipe us out right now. Not to be a downer or anything.

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