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2021 Season Announcement

Hello Fellow Earthlings! With spring making itself known, and Seattle moving much of its activity outside, we know a lot of people are wondering: "when will Hello Earth and Wars Outdoors return?" We are definitely excited about the final act in our trilogy and eager to bring Jabba the Hutt, the Ewoks, and Nien Nunb to life. However, we've thought long and hard about the choices we are asking cast, crew, and audience to make and have decided that we will NOT be presenting an outdoor, in person show this summer. We know this is a disappointment, and believe us, it's a difficult thing to have to decide. But given the time required to put a show like ours on, we are typically beginning our process now. Doing so would by necessity force our partners to make decisions for themselves and their loved ones' safety that are not necessary for a labor of love like ours. Additionally, with numbers still rising in many parts of the country, we cannot responsibly make a decision