Audition notice: Empire Strikes Back IN THE PARK

Actors Needed
For this summer’s live outdoor performances of
Wars Outdoors: The Empire Strikes Back
by Hello Earth Productions

Sunday, March 24, 1-4pm
Monday, March 25, 6-9pm

Seattle Center Armory
TPS Theater Studio D, Floor 4

Roles Needed
Lando Calrissian
Imperial officers
Rebel pilots
Storm Troopers
and many more!
Just show up!

We are committed to diverse and creative casting. The right person for the role will express the essence of their character(s), and will not necessarily conform to an expected race, gender, ethnicity, or body type. Actors of color, gender non-conforming actors, and differently abled actors are encouraged to audition. We are not looking for impersonations, and a lengthy acting resume is not required. All are welcome to apply.

Character Breakdowns:
Lando Calrissian -- Due to the historic and cultural importance of the role, first preference will be given to black actors of any gender/age/size; actors of color are welcome and may be cast in all available roles
Yoda -- May be portrayed by an actor or by puppet

Auditions will consist of cold readings. Please be prepared to stay for the entire time; we will hold callbacks after hearing everyone.

We are also looking for creative people who want to be part of the process both on and off stage. Please stop by and share how you think you could contribute.

Performances will take place on all four consecutive weekends in August, both Saturdays and Sundays, outside at Dr. Blanche Lavizzo Park.

Hello Earth’s more-than-five-year mission is to excite and inspire audiences with our vibrant fusion of sci-fi and pop culture, to create strange new worlds and art that stimulates questions, to push beyond the boundaries of imagination with nontraditional casting and innovative stagecraft, and to boldly expand the frontiers of live theatrical experience.


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