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Personal Log: Kris "Pepper" Hambrick (Kirk/Producer)

Kris 'Pepper' Hambrick is now the age Jim Kirk was when the five year mission ended, and she's delighted that she's been able to serve as captain this long. She swears she did not cast herself as Kirk, but she's pretty darned glad about it anyway. The only thing she has in common with William Shatner is that Spock gets all the attention, but who can blame anyone for that? She thanks everyone who's let her play in this sandbox.  What cool things do you do in your life apart from Outdoor Trek? I also like really old movies and going to the zoo and thinking every animal is the cutest. I live with a good cat, an evil cat, and the sweetest dog in the universe. What history do you have with theatrical productions? Anyway, here in Seattle I've played a surfer chick with MPD, Puck, the ghost of Christmas Future, and a few teenage boys. It's a niche, but at least there is one for people like me! Until I age out of it. Fast forward to 2005, and Shatn