Second Weekend Summary

Wow! Our second weekend was even better than the first!

Saturday was a gorgeous one in Seattle, not too hot, not too cold. AND we started to play a new game on Twitter: #thetreklebowski. You take a quote from the Coen Brothers' classic film and reconfigure it for the Star Trek universe.

"I mean, say what you like about the tenets of IDIC, Dude, at least it's an ethos."
"Vulcanian is not the preferred nomenclature. Vulcan-American, please."
You can play, too, if you have a Twitter account!

Sunday we thought it was going to rain, but then it didn't, and as the show continued the sun broke through the clouds, until we were left with a brilliant blue sky. We counted 150 people in our audience. . . going where no Outdoor Trek has gone before in terms of crowd. You can see some great pictures from one of Sunday's audience members below.


  1. ...waiting in anticipation for the 2012 performance... and hope to get a sneak peek...

  2. Uh... earth to Hello Earth? Do you read? Any action planned for 2013? You can't let Portland Trek (set to complete their 5-year mission) tractor-beam all the attention! :)


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