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Amok Time in Transit

Check out some of these photos from rehearsals! Away mission on Vulcan Kirk and Spock fight for T'Pring McCoy & Kirk on the away mission Helen (Spock), and Kris (Kirk), practicing the  koonut kaliffee using the Ahn'woon. Is Kirk dead? Don't forget to come see how this all turns out, July 18th at 7pm, in Blanche Lavizzo Park!

Calling All Redshirts!

We here at Hello Earth Productions are excited to have started rehearsals and are now in need of some fellow redshirts for a variety of volunteering opportunities! We are currently looking for: Musicians Outdoor Trek's live house band, The Redshirts, is looking for a few good musical officers for this summer's show: Amok Time! All styles, all skill-levels, all instruments. Multi-instrumentalists a plus. You must be available for most of July and the first two weekends of August.  Day-Of Volunteers Always wanted to see what it's like behind the scenes of a live show? Then volunteer for a few hours and help the Outdoor Trek crew put on an amazing show! We are in need of volunteers for the following dates: Saturday, July 18, 7pm Sunday, July 19, 2pm Saturday, July 25, 7pm Sunday, July 26, 2pm Saturday, August 1, 7pm Sunday, August 2, 2pm Saturday, August 8, 7pm Sunday, August 9, 2pm A day-of volunteer would be responsible for setting up directional signs to t