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"Day of the Dove" -- Beaming Down in Less Than Two Weeks!

We're hard at work making sure our  seventh  Outdoor Trek production is as good as it can be, and have some details for you on the opening acts! Just like last year, all shows begin at 7pm, with pre-show at 6pm. Hot dogs will be available for purchase every evening. As always, children and families are welcome. We'll also have some scripts available at each show for the hearing impaired. July 22 - Sarah Shay July 23 - Strangely July 30 - Vixy & Tony August 5 - Marc Okrand August 6 - Marc Okrand August 13 - Aaron Shay

Officers Commissioned

"Day of the Dove" has been cast! You'll see some people returning, some new faces, and some returning faces in new roles. Look for more info about the cast as we move forward with rehearsals! Enterprise Crew Kris 'Pepper' Hambrick as Kirk Helen Parson as Spock Merri Ann Osborn as McCoy Helen Tang as Scott Jenny Buehler as Chekov Michael Bowers as Sulu Ryan  Scheunemann  as Uhura  Greg Beach as Johnson Betsy Haddox as the Computer Klingons Nathan Ureta as Kang Anna Richardson as Mara Jack Andrews as Klingon Laurel Clark as Klingon Umberto Lenzi as Klingon

Outdoor Trek 2017 Auditions: "Day of the Dove"

Hello Earth’s more-than-five-year mission is to excite and inspire audiences with our vibrant fusion of sci-fi and pop culture, to create strange new worlds and art that stimulates questions, to push beyond the boundaries of imagination with nontraditional casting and innovative stagecraft, and to boldly expand the frontiers of live theatrical experience. Now i n its seventh season, previous Star Trek episodes have been “The Naked Time," “This Side of Paradise,” "Devil in the Dark," "Mirror, Mirror," "Amok Time," and “Space Seed.” This year, we're presenting political thriller "Day of the Dove." Who: We need actors to fill all roles (except Kirk and Spock). We are committed to diverse and creative casting; we want the right person for the role, not the "right" race, gender, ethnicity, body type, or acting resume. All are welcome to apply . We are not looking for impersonation. We are looking for creative people who wa